The DPL Nilsson changes the bias on the geotechnical field market, in social, logistical and technical terms. The manual DPL NILSSON is easy unassembled to parts minor 1 meter, and packed in two boxes less than 0,16 m³, with oblong dimension 1,06 m, easy stuffed in a small car. No component weights more than 10 kg. The DPL Nilsson can easy be operated by ordinary staff after a short training. Manual operated it is agile and easy established on site, as it also is ecological correct. 


The type of DPL introduced by Thomas Nilsson in Brazil 2001 gained various modifications, compared with a machine operated DPL. The principal developments; assembly of the apparatus in manageable parts, plumb direct platform, less rebound, ergonomic parts, easy tools, torque test and development of proceedings to use the sleeve resistance and cone tip resistance, in engineering SI – units.

The DPL Nilsson broke various barriers in geotechnics. In simple operation it extracts important geotechnical parameters useful in dimensioning. The proceedings of the test are easy, effective and economic.

The versatility of DPL allows a bigger quantity of tests, as the installation of new drill holes are fast and easy. In countries with complicated soils, for example interrupted by boulders, the reinstallation of the DPL is made in 5 to 10 minutes.  

If the field investigation company works with equipment and staff fit for field, if mobilization is fast and easy, it will also be easier to satisfy the demands from clients. The system and proceedings of DPL Nilsson is a step on right direction to satisfy the contemporary higher demands for speed and efficiency.

The DPL Nilsson brings some very important benefits to the civil society, that is:

1) Take the engineer and client much closer surveys;

2) Open for soundings up to 12 meters on any place a human can enter and stand upright,;

3) Enable to catch a statistical rich quantity of tests.